PC Simple UK


Your computer is your livelihood. Whether it be for personal or business needs, its operation is crucial to your daily existence. We have the vast experience in building, upgrading, and repairing all makes and models to get you back on your feet.


Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple… no matter the brand or model, we can provide you with the expertise necessary for a quick resolution. Is it a small or big repair? Is it worth repairing or replacing? We’ll provide you with the honest opinion based on our years of working with all of the major computer brands.


While anyone can claim to be a computer repair expert, PC Simple UK stands out for a few reasons:


Competitive pricing for residential and commercial customers.

We are very confident in the work we provide, and therefore can offer a very competitive set of rates for home and business clients.


Maximum convenience is always our goal.

We can come directly to your home or office for Free (No CALL-OUT Charges).


No problem or repair is too big or too small for us.

Getting a quick and easy quote over the phone is always free and only a call away.  We can give you our best estimate for a repair, and you can decide if you wish to use our services.


Affordable, on-the-spot diagnosis of almost any computer issue.

For a nominal diagnostic fee, we can tell you what is wrong with your computer and how much it will cost to repair. There’s no obligation to use us for the actual repair if you don’t want to.


Access to any necessary parts, hardware, or software.

We have relationships with numerous industry vendors that allow us to purchase parts or software for any system no matter the make, model, or age. If you need it, we can acquire it.


Want to get a free consultation over the phone about your computer issues?

Give us a call today on 01372 36 2963 or email us directly.


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