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On-site Assistance

Book in your PC Simple UK Techie today - 01372 726290


Since PC Simple UK first started, we have generally carried out most of our services on-site at the customer's premises. This means that you don't have the hassle of unplugging your equipment and transporting it to a repair shop. This is how it works:


1. You call us
You telephone 01372 726290 and ask for an appointment, or request a call-back.


2. Give us a few details
We will ask for your contact details, and for a few details of the problem so that we can ensure that we have any necessary parts and tools with us that we think might be required to complete the service. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


3. Choose your time slot
You will be given a choice of available time slots so you can chose the one most convenient to you. Your appointment will be confirmed and we will give you a 1/2 hour window within which we will aim to arrive.


4. We come to you!
Our PC Simple UK Techie will arrive on site and carry out the required services. All PC Simple UK Techies are qualified, CRB-checked, fully-insured, employed by PC Simple UK (not sub-contracted), reference checked, and friendly!


5. Pay the bill
Once the services have been completed, an invoice is presented and payment is requested. Part payment in advance may be required in some circumstances. We accept credit/debit cards, cheque with a cheque-guarantee card, or cash.


6. Sit back and relax
Labour and hardware are covered by our guarantees as detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

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