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Wireless Security

Do you have a wireless router?

Does your router have an encryption of some sort or a network key?

So many wireless networks are set up and left open for anyone to 'walk right into your network and take a look around!' What you might not realise is that by leaving your network unsecured, you're leaving your network open to two threats.

 - Firstly, anyone can connect to your network and use your internet connection whenever they please, using up your bandwidth and hence slowing the internet speed for you and the remaining users on your network.

- Secondly, and far more threatening, they can potentially see every single computer on your network and any folders those computers might be sharing. Furthermore, if the security of the folders on the computers on the network is not set correctly, that intruder can then delete files and folders at will and even install viruses and spyware to spy on your activity e.g. online banking.


Security measures exist to protect you, your computer, and your network from intrusion.

To find out how to best protect your network or get some help setting up one, give us a call on

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